Why Join Us

First, because we’re starting with a clean sheet.  Want to make a difference? You can with us.

Second, we’re practical and not inflexible.  Actual results are the most important thing to us.

Third, we’re about maximizing personal freedom, discretionary income (what is left over after taxes, housing, insurance, transportation, food and other costs of living) and career/life opportunities for everyone. The USG only reports disposable income per capita, which is your income after taxes.  If living costs increase faster than your disposable income, you have less discretionary income to spend on education, travel, investing, kids, etc. It is really the amount and changes in discretionary income that matter most to Americans; however, currently there are no published indexes of per capita discretionary income.

Fourth, we believe in solid, ongoing research and analysis to guide us in policy-making.

Fifth, we’re totally committed to honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Sixth, we will fight to keep the best of traditional America while continually innovating in a fast-changing world.

Seventh, we will remain humble and welcome ideas from all citizens, recognizing that the intelligence of the citizenry is always greater than that of our bureaucracies.

Eighth, we hope to win by the power of our persuasion and arguments, but will do political battle when necessary.

Ninth, we believe in adopting an optimistic, can-do outlook and policies that uplift all citizens – from sea to shining sea.

Tenth, we’re American patriots whose allegiance is solely to the U.S. Constitution, as amended.



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