The American Party was servicemarked by Roger E. Cowles, a member of American Mensa®, in 2009.  The Great Recession made it abundantly clear that the Republican and Democratic parties were incapable of safeguarding and managing our economy.

Then, when stepping back to look at the broader picture, we realized that the two parties are the problem: they simply aren’t up to the job.  Electing a new POTUS won’t put America back on the right track, because he or she must govern with two antiquated, flawed, outmoded and overly ideological parties that are lost in the 21st C.  The obsolete nature of the two parties is seen everywhere: from the convoluted state primaries, to the failure to vet candidates, to the arcane U.S. Senate and House rules, to the total failure to inform citizens, to the reality that unelected and unaccountable Federal bureaucrats now tell Americans how to live.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Our country is a work in progress, and we can change its direction. We can, once again, have an America that we will be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren. We’re building the American Party for you, your family and friends, and fellow citizens. No one else.

We invite you to read on, contribute your views, and join us.

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