The Answer to Mr. Obama’s Question: “What Difference Will Using the Phrase “Radical Islam” Make?”

The Answer to Mr. Obama’s Question: “What Difference Will Using the Phrase “Radical Islam” Make?”
June 14, 2016 American Party
In Terrorism

First, using the phrase “Radical Islam” is needed to both acknowledge and differentiate the violent, extremist strains of Islam from the peaceful ones. There are schisms within Islam, and differing teachings and interpretations. Catholic or Protestant doctrine it is not. It is unnecessary and undesirable to offend the millions of Muslims who would never contemplate violent behavior.

Second, a definition of “Radical Islam” is needed to make the case with Islamic-majority nations that this intolerance, hatred and violence is incompatible with both American values and the U.S. Constitution. We should begin to leverage our economic, political and military relationships with each Islamic-majority nation accordingly. We should also adjust our immigration policies as needed and adopt the posture that immigrating to America is a privilege, not a right. And yes, this requires the U.S. to work with each of these Islamic-majority nations to ensure that Islamic teachings are not those of hatred, violence and extremism.

Thirdly, all Islamic-majority nations are U.N. members, but only a few are signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is reluctance on the part of most Islamic-majority nations to fully embrace and adopt all provisions of the UDHR. We should work with relevant institutions to make the case that Radical Islam directly violates the UDHR and all international norms.

Fourthly, there has never been an adequate understanding or comprehension on the part of our Govt. that this is a contest of ideas, of values. It is insufficient to strike terrorist leaders with missiles; that’s treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. We should initiate a worldwide media campaign designed to counter and end Radical Islamist teachings and schools. Enlist both U.S. and foreign religious leaders, humanitarians, whatever it takes. Sign up Kareem, Jim Brown, the ’95 Chicago Bulls and half of FIFA if they’re willing. A worldwide media campaign won’t cost much money, and it will save countless lives.  There is your answer.



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